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Government Multipurpose Card (GMPC) 

Smart cards have an intelligent, single chip micro controller embedded within the plastic.(Fancher 1997) This facilitates the implementation of a very high level of data security and means that data can be securely updated or written to the card after it has been issued. The key development in recent years has been the integration of reusable memory (EEPROM) onto a single chip micro-controller (zoredo and Oton,l994). The components embedded into the card are a true microcomputer driven by a microprocessor controlling three types of memory. It is the working memory (RAM), the non-erasable program memory (ROM) and the user memory.

In Malaysia, Smart Cards are called a MyKad. The word My spelled "M", "Y" signifies Malaysian's internet address whilst the word "Kad" is the acronym of "Kad Akuan Diri" or translated as "Personal identification Card" as well as "Kad Aplikasi Digital" (Digital Application Card) and also means "cards". The government multipurpose card (GMPC) project is part of the multimedia super corridor (MSC) initiative. This project is one of the seven flagship applications that are deployed by the Malaysian government to attract leading edge technology development Malaysia. Currently the GMPC pilot project has been launched in the MSC-KL area and nationwide deployment of the GMPC is expected by the year 2004 / 2005. (MyKad: The government multipurpose card)

The Government Multipurpose Card (GMPC) or MyKad is the initiative of the Malaysian Government in providing the public with added convenience on single smart cards. Unlike any other card in the world, the GMPC incorporates a host of government and private sector applications in a single card. Moreover, the GMPC, based on the chip and the biometrics smart card technology is also able to accommodate new expansion in the future. ( MyKad:The government multipurpose card )


There are 5 companies that involved in invention of Government Multipurpose Card (MyKad)


Unisys was responsible for designing, developing and delivering all applications, except for the card applications and the mobile CAD applications. This includes all legacy interfacing to the databases, the database management for all applications, and the delivery of the BackOffice servers. Unisys was also responsible for project management, consulting services and systems integration. Therefore Unisys was responsible for project timelines, deliveries of all consortium partners as stated in the contract with the government. A Unisys Systems Integration team including the Project Director, Deputy Project Director, Business Manager and Technical Manager coordinated all project activities with both the Government and the consortium partners. Unisys was also responsible for the Project Management Office (PMO) as it relates to the project deliveries to the government such as Gantt charts, other project documents and includes configuration management and requirements management.


CSA was responsible for delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the hardware supplied by CSA, such as the Government Service Centers (GSC) workstations and servers. The company was also responsible for the network connectivity between the front and backend systems and provided all network devices such as modems, hubs, switches and routers. CSA also had to prepare all relevant sites for the project such as site planning, site preparation including supply of network cables, providing electricity, counters, furniture and others. CSA also provided the first level single point of contact help desk.


Iris was responsible for the development of the proprietary chip operating system (MCOS) and also for the design and manufacturing of the Smart Card. This card includes high-end security features, both on the surface and in the chip. Iris ensured that the card complies with all ISO standards as for interfaces and durability. Iris also developed the autogates for the immigration checkpoints and the key ring readers for the project.


EPNCR provided all the Desktop CAD devices and developed the Mobile CAD device and applications for the GMPC project.


Dibena is the systems hardware provider for all the personalization systems required for the GMPC project such as the DATACARD DC9000 (5), the ORGA HPPS (2) and theMPR3000 (2). Dibena was responsible for the management and operation of the Personalization Center, where all GMPC Smart Cards are initialized and delivered.


An information system collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose. It has been said that the purpose of information system is to get the right information to the right people, at the right time, in the right amount and in the right format.

MyKad includes several information systems such as;

However, there are only 3 information system that will be discussed briefly: 

  1. Passport system
  2. Driving licence system
  3. ATM integration system

Passport System

Immigration Auto gates facilitated automatic entry and exit at busy Immigration check points. The Auto gates is design to facilitated exit and re-entry of Malaysians with MyKad at Malaysian Immigration checkpoints. Passport information stored in MyKad increase the efficiency of immigration clearance citizens access to basic information stored in the chip while enforcement officer use the larger and more powerful Key Ring Reader (KRR).The passport information can be uploaded into your MyKad at any National Registration Department counters. However,passport still required for overseas travel.



 Border Control Application

Peninsular Malaysia residents no longer have to fill in immigration forms or produce their passport when entering Sabah and Sarawak or vice versa. Reading information from MyKad is sufficient to record individual arrival and departure details.

Passport Renewal (KiPPas)

MyKad expedites the process of application or renewal of chip-based passports at Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) counters. Digitized information and biometrics in an applicant’s MyKad enables the transaction to be performed at a Kiosk Penggantian Passport (KiPPas).

Mobile Immigration Enforcement System (MIES)

MIES system uses MyKad biometrics as the verification for border pass. An innovative system for immigration enforcements based on biometrics system, it can read documents such as MyKad, foreign cards and expatriate cards.

The agency that has been using this application is Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia.

  • Fast sign in

The system reduces people queues by employing latest generation MyKAD reader. It will ensures fast processing and yet able to capture all vital information, such as visitor name, IC number and photo. Typical sign- in will only requires one minute or less. For non-Malaysian, alternate sign in method is provided

  • Facilitate Automatic Entry and Exit at Immigration Checkpoints
Passport information stored in MyKad increase the efficiency of immigration clearance through the autogate without compromising the national security.

  • Prevent Bribe By People

It impossible for anyone to try and bribe immigration's officers at any entry (or/and) exit point if they did not manage to pass through the exit and entry point.


  • Complex Process
MyKad can be too technical since it require several steps in the process of activating the desired applications. 

  • Privacy And Security Issues Almost Cannot Be Parted From MyKad

MyKad since it allows the viewing of the cardholder's information under certain circumstances. Some people might not be comfortable with these issues and it reflects the MyKad implementation. 

Driving License System

Driving LicenseMyKad replaces the paper based laminated cards and functions as a regular driving license. MyKad facilitates enforcement by providing enforcement officer with up to date driving record. The users for this applications are the JPJ enforcement officers and the traffic police of PDRM. MyKad can also contain driving license information.

This information includes:

• License type
• Expiry date
• Category

The information can be read using specific card readers, key-ring readers, and kiosks. Renewal of driving license in MyKad chip is available at all National Registration Department, Road Transport Department and at Pos Malaysia branches offering driving license renewal services nationwide.


  •  No need to give new photos to JPJ when renewing driving license.
  •  No need to keep separate driving license cards.
  •  More sophisticated than paper driving license.


  • If we get involved in an accident, our insurance company would want a copy of our driving license. You cannot photocopy our MyKad and say it is there. We can probably go to JPJ and they will print out details of our license for free. But do we really want to make a trip to JPJ for that.
  •  To test drive a car, the dealer would also want a copy of our license. 
  • We are likely to forget the expiry date of our license. 

ATM Integration System

ATM MyKad provides easy and convenient banking transactions and functions as an ATM cards. Te banking activities available include cash withdrawal inquiry, transfer of funds and change of Pin. MyKad allows a maximum of 3 different bank account to be stored in the chip. MyKad uses chip technology which possess a high level of security features and protects data stored from fraud and cloning.With the ATM application activated within MyKad, users can use MyKad to conduct their usual banking activities via the ATM. In actual fact, the application enables the MyKad to perform banking activities similarly available through the ATM Bankcard.

MyKad allows a maximum of three different bank accounts to be stored in the chip. MyKad holders can choose to have their three main bank accounts in one card for easy and convenient banking transactions. Just bring your MyKad to participating banks to activate the ATM function. There are currently five MyKad ATM issuer banks:

• Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
• CIMB Bank Berhad
• Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
• Public Bank Berhad
• Citibank Berhad


  • Portable
Instead of bringing a lot of cards, we just need to bring MyKad as it able to replace all the bank cards.

  • Cut off the cost 
Usually, when we register for bank card,we will be charged with certain amount. However, with this application, it can reduce our cost.


  • Bank Will Suffer Loss
 The banks opposed using MyKad as ATM, because they will lose out on the annual RM8 fee.

  • Risky 
When people lose a MyKad, it would be inconvenient for them because of their financial information stored in the MyKad.


In conclusion, MyKad is a multipurpose card as it provides many functions the users. It contains many information system and three of them have been emphasized above.. All those systems makes our daily life easier and convenient.